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Sleeping Pills, Alcohol Does Not Cure Insomnia Experts Say

December 12, 2011

If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, try cognitive-behavioral therapy. Experts warn Ryerson University is reaching for sleeping pills or drinking alcohol will not help in the long term insomnia. In its investigation, psychologists have found, based on the nightly routines, such as taking sleeping pills or alcohol does not cure sleep problems.

Forty per cent of people examined insomnia therapists use what they call safe conduct to get the sleep they do not have any benefit.

“Poor sleepers who are involved in what we call the” safety behaviors such as sleeping medications or alcohol, actually disrupting their sleep in the long term, “said Heather Hood, a graduate student in clinical psychology and lead author of the study.
These safety behaviors are useless in view of the dream, but people who suffer from insomnia or poor sleep feel they have to do these things to help them fall asleep. ”

For their study, Hood, Dr. Colleen Carney, her supervisor and director of sleep and depression, Ryerson Laboratory, and Andrea Harris, a graduate psychology student asked 397 students to complete an online questionnaire about the routines that help them fall asleep, how often they carried out their and as firmly believed they were to take steps to avoid insomnia.

They found that forty percent of the firm belief that they take appropriate measures to fall sleep, for example, to perform certain tasks that were not good.

“People who are poor sleepers have a ton of energy trying to get to sleep,” said Carney. “Sleep is something that unfold naturally, so the more you engage in behavior to try to sleep, the less likely you will fall asleep.”

In their study they found that the best sleepers do not rely on any specific problem to cure insomnia – they just fell asleep.

The best approach to ensure a good night’s sleep, says Carney, is cognitive therapy, which teaches more relaxed attitude to getting proper rest. The study shows, the rituals that seem to facilitate sleep, more destructive than they are helpful.


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