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Need New Moms with Postpartum Depression do not Receive Treatment

Although the birth of a child, usually a joyful event, some new moms struggle with postpartum depression, and many of them do not receive necessary treatment. According to a report from the UK charity 4Children, almost half of new mothers who suffer postpartum depression do not seek professional help.
How common is postpartum depression?

Data on postpartum depression differ from each other. Although the often-quoted statistic is that it affects 10 to 15% of expectant mothers, a recent survey of 4Children more than 2,300 young mothers suggested that figure was closer to 31%. The study also showed that women who had more than one child, more likely to say they have experienced postpartum depression than mothers for the first time.

Postpartum depression is not the same as “baby blues”, which about 80% of new moms experience a period of 10 days after delivery. Symptoms of postpartum stress include feeling sad, being slightly depressed, and experiencing mood swings.

Postpartum depression is characterized by being miserable most of the time, feeling unable to cope, feeling an overwhelming concern for the child, crying for no reason, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, low energy, rejection from family and friends, difficulties in communication with the child, and feel themselves exhausted. These symptoms usually appear four to six weeks after delivery, are intensive and last for weeks or months.
New mothers do not receive treatment

By 4Children survey, 49% of new mothers with postpartum depression did not go to a professional for treatment. The first mothers less often (42%) than women with more than one child (54%), to seek professional help.

One-third of women with postpartum depression, said they were too afraid to tell others about your depression, because they feared what might happen to them or their child. Almost a third said they did not understand later that they are experiencing postpartum depression, and when they realize it, 60% said they did not think that their condition was serious enough to seek help. Thirteen percent had no support from the partner to seek help.

Among the young mothers who sought treatment, 70% were given antidepressants by their doctor and only 41% have access to counseling and therapy, which is recommended as an option for mild to moderate depression.

According to Anne Longfield, chief executive 4Children “, many families are suffering the effects of postpartum depression in silence, and even if they seek help, they too often face a wall of indifference and lack of empathy from health care professionals with more dependence on antidepressants for treatment.”
What dangers do not get treatment?

For most women who have mild postnatal depression, the symptoms disappear within 3 to 6 months, but for some new moms depression lasts longer. Implications of mothers suffering from long-term depression can have serious consequences for their children.

These mothers have fewer positive interactions with their children, and untreated or long-partum depression can also have negative effects on cognitive development and child language. 4Children report notes that postpartum anxiety can lead to “long-term consequences of poor early relationships,” difficult relationship, and excessive pressure on the older children care for their brothers and sisters of the child.

4Children report highlights the prevalence of postpartum depression, as well as the need for mothers to get treatment for this condition. While the recommendations offered in this report address the health care system in the United Kingdom, they are universal in nature and include raising awareness about postpartum depression, training on postpartum depression, as well as increased use of psychological treatments for expectant mothers.


Why America is so fat, the Application will Lose Weight

Over the past 30 years the United States as a whole has gotten thicker. More than 65% of the U.S. population is either overweight or obese. Why? There are many reasons why America has become so thick, but one of the most impressive revolves around the appearance of processed foods.

Nurse only factors that go into American fatness, they can be dizzying. For example, there were big problems with today’s youth is one of the major video games around, and do not play in the street. This has led to significant morbidity of childhood obesity and the one that is not going away any time soon.

Another issue to consider is that with the United States to be so thick, it will lead to a variety of disease in more than ever patients, including hypertension, diabetes mellitus, along with heart disease. In this age of questioning who’s going to pay for health care of America with new laws of health, there simply will be sufficient resources available to fix this epidemic consequences.

Processed foods have been around for a long time. The concept of these products is that they have a long shelf life, and even more food and natural products, are going to be some getting used to the American public. In the mid-1900s, partially hydrogenated oils were invented, which is commonly known as trans fats and is widespread in the 1980s.

Thus, in the 1980s to behead all of these new products with very little nutritional value, they taste great and they have a long shelf life. The digital revolution has tended to make the problem worse, as Americans consume more calories than ever, and burn less and less. Lawn mowers now have the form of tractors, electric wheelchairs, lifts everywhere, along with escalators, and the end result is America gained much weight loss.

Technology in general is great. But at the same technology the opportunity to build great-tasting junk food, as well as many inventions that allow you to avoid burning calories. Common nation has led to an unhealthy lifestyle that is not inevitable.

Here are a few facts, as America was so overweight. Refrigerators have expanded by 20% over the past 35 years. Three-quarters of trips under one mile are made cars I have in the United States. Americans consume an average of 35 teaspoons of sugar a day. Americans spend an average of 158 hours watching TV each month.

The bottom line is how America got so fat, is the lack of moderation in diet and physical activity. Common nation has made the baton of empty calories, along with less activities that help to burn extra calories. America is thicker than ever and it seems that this problem will not disappear any time soon.

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Erectile Dysfunction Is Worse When People Take Multiple Drugs

If you are a man with erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs can make your condition worse? A new Kaiser Permanente study report that people who take several medications are likely to have more severe ED.
Repeated use of the drug can affect erectile function

Failure to achieve an erection sometimes it is not uncommon and can occur for many reasons, ranging from the fact there was too much to drink on the emotional stress or fatigue. When ED is more than half the time, but that is usually a symptom of a serious problem that requires examination and treatment.

Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 10% of men worldwide, and nearly 30 million men in the United States. Given the growing number of baby boomers, and the tendency for older people to take several medications, the results of this latest study may be important for many people, both now and in the future.

The study involved 37,712 men ages ethnically diverse ranging from 46 to 69 who were part of California’s Health Study men. Analysis of data from men included drugs in the period between 2002 and 2003, the severity of ED, age, body mass index, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, depression, and smoking history.

After taking other factors into account, the researchers found that the number of drugs, people have increased, so did the severity of erectile dysfunction. For example, for men who took 0 to 2 drugs, 15.9% had moderate ED. This figure rose to 19.7% among those who take from 3 to 5 drugs, 25.5% among men taking from 6 to 9 drugs, and 30.9% among those taking 10 or more drugs.

Lead author, Diane C. Londono, MD, a urology department at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, noted that “the results of this study suggest that an important step in the evaluation of ED will review the current medications the patient takes and their possible side-effects. “Doctors could make changes in the use of human medicines as needed.

Medications commonly associated with ED and those that are commonly prescribed, including anti-hypertensive drugs (such as beta-blockers, clonidine, thiazides), antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, lithium, MAO inhibitors), and drugs which may interfere with testosterone ways.

More than half (57%) men in the study took more than three medications, and multiple drug use was highest among men aged 60 to 70. A quarter of men used at least 10 drugs.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several factors, including diabetes mellitus (approximately 50% of men with diabetes, ED), depression, alcoholism, prostatectomy, thyroid disease, atherosclerosis, smoking, and trauma. Although the repeated use of the drug may cause erectile dysfunction, taking another drug of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor – is the most common way to treat this condition. Three drugs in this category include sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra).

The results of this study can serve as a wake-up call for doctors to reconsider some drug use among their patients who have impotence. According to Michael Kanter, MD, medical director of the regional quality and clinical analysis for the group of Southern California Permanente Medical, “These people will benefit from lifestyle changes such as changes in their diet, regular exercise and not smoking can help control their hypertension, diabetes, stress, and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. “

Sleeping Pills, Alcohol Does Not Cure Insomnia Experts Say

If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, try cognitive-behavioral therapy. Experts warn Ryerson University is reaching for sleeping pills or drinking alcohol will not help in the long term insomnia. In its investigation, psychologists have found, based on the nightly routines, such as taking sleeping pills or alcohol does not cure sleep problems.

Forty per cent of people examined insomnia therapists use what they call safe conduct to get the sleep they do not have any benefit.

“Poor sleepers who are involved in what we call the” safety behaviors such as sleeping medications or alcohol, actually disrupting their sleep in the long term, “said Heather Hood, a graduate student in clinical psychology and lead author of the study.
These safety behaviors are useless in view of the dream, but people who suffer from insomnia or poor sleep feel they have to do these things to help them fall asleep. ”

For their study, Hood, Dr. Colleen Carney, her supervisor and director of sleep and depression, Ryerson Laboratory, and Andrea Harris, a graduate psychology student asked 397 students to complete an online questionnaire about the routines that help them fall asleep, how often they carried out their and as firmly believed they were to take steps to avoid insomnia.

They found that forty percent of the firm belief that they take appropriate measures to fall sleep, for example, to perform certain tasks that were not good.

“People who are poor sleepers have a ton of energy trying to get to sleep,” said Carney. “Sleep is something that unfold naturally, so the more you engage in behavior to try to sleep, the less likely you will fall asleep.”

In their study they found that the best sleepers do not rely on any specific problem to cure insomnia – they just fell asleep.

The best approach to ensure a good night’s sleep, says Carney, is cognitive therapy, which teaches more relaxed attitude to getting proper rest. The study shows, the rituals that seem to facilitate sleep, more destructive than they are helpful.

Physical Characteristics of Mental Health With Anxiety and Depression

*Do not wait for motivation
* Problems
* Problem solving strategies

If you have not seen it yet, depression and anxiety have the opportunity to steal your motivation, hope, energy, and possibly your soul if you let it. This is a very vicious circle that can prevent you from making any improvements in their lives and that can really keep you unhappy and depressed, if you let them.

We will focus on how you move through your life again, and that we should help you to do to create motivation in general.
Motivation and Myths When You Have Anxiety and Depression
The myth of motivation goes deep into the realm of mental health. Period of time you can spend trying to get things done can not be fruitful if you can not get what’s called “motivation” back into your life. If you do not achieve what you want, you just make a statement: “I’m not motivated.” Most of us believe that the action is the result of motivation.

What you must understand that this is a big mistake, you can not afford to believe. For example, we can give you one of you has a bachelor’s degree completion. You are in the last class to take. You just can not get in the last work you need to write. This is the only thing between the end and a good solid career path. The sun and the birds are calling. You just do not have enough motivation to do more than just drink beer and watch the sky.

How long should you wait for motivation? The answer is, you just get up and make myself get busy. You have to generate their own motivation, which in turn creates the necessary steps for you to begin the process of excited enough to keep the motivation going strong.

Here is the schedule we used in the various evolutions. This schedule has been modified to create the Activity Log.
I washed some dishes and left in the sink.
I thought I would just finish all of them once I got started.
Pay some bills
I took me most of my day off, but I really care about it. It is a pity that I would feel better, but I think I worred, because I’m too long to pay them.
Checkbook balancing the needs of
I gave up. Too messy.
I went shopping for food.
I need more than a dry lunch.
The house should be vacuumed.
I do not like it, but oh well. I’ve helped.
I cleaned the kitchen.
I like to help today. I feel pretty good.
I washed my car.
I need it today. It was a dirty filthy. I have to do it more often than every 5 months.

Although it was a sample of the journal, it will give you the opportunity to see how you can accomplish this task properly. Take some time to complete your own activity log. The list of tasks that you have not already done and put them in the middle column. Make sure you use only the tasks that can be completed and feasible. Then do not forget to take the results and write it in the right column.

Activity Log







Football goal
The level of emotional distress can be felt, seems to be very difficult at times. The inclusion of depression or anxiety only seems to increase this difficulty. If you begin to be overwhelmed, you can have a tendency to begin to avoid your responsibilities. We have created an acronym to help you avoid the trap of avoidance.


S: The situation is the true cause or nature of the problem.

A: The options are for this particular problem.

C: effects of what can happen with each option.

C: Select the option you desire to succeed.

E: Emotional plan for dealing with stress.

R: Running or revising its plan is what is happening here.

We will continue to work with football model in more detail, and you will discover the many benefits it can bring even the new user.
Its dimensions
If you decide to try and bury your head in the sand, do not. Information necessary to collect about your problem you will not be the first person to ever face this problem. You can learn a lot if you take the time to talk to people and do some research. Take the time to ponder what you have learned.
Diagrams of the problem situation
Over the past few years, I have lost faith in my position. Normally I love coming to work, but in recent years and paid acceptance is not what I thought they should be. I know I have the skills to do the job, but let’s face it, after 6 years, I should be running the place. I think I should try to be more assertive and get what is happening for themselves.

In this situation, graphs, examples provide a very solid description of what is happening, and the challenges faced. This is the time when we can start looking at the search options.

For you we have a problem graph of the solution. Make sure you describe the problem with as much detail as possible. Consider evaluating a problem with the books, articles, or ideas you get from the Internet, friends or other resources. What could be a source of your problems? You must continue to look at these areas. Are there any emotional reactions can be included? They can help you make some good observations. Finally, let you know how important it is for you.

Options for collection
Once the problem is given, you can start to show your creative side. What are the chances you can develop some interesting and ingenious ways to help solve this problem? You are only limited by your imagination. Make better this time around to get as much solid potential solutions as possible.

From the example we gave you we have created the following table SITOP.
SITOP (Situation Options) Chart
Situation: In the last few years, I have lost faith in my position. Normally I love coming to work, but in recent years and paid acceptance is not what I thought they should be. I know I have the skills to do the job, but let’s face it, after 6 years, I should be running the place. I think I should try to be more assertive and get what is happening for themselves.

Looking for a new job is one idea.
What classes can I take it that would make me more assertive.
Maybe my boss would be willing to talk to me.
I could try to make my own business and be successful.
I could have my boss he is wrong tell him his place.
I could try to further education.
I could improve my skills and network part of every company event.

These simple options. We move on to the next step. You should start to prepare yourself a checklist of options.
SITOP (Situation Options) Chart (SO Chart)

The list of options

As soon as you list a lot of options, what are the possible outcomes of each option? This is the stage when you need to figure out what option may be that the actions that will result from the implementation of any specific option. This is not an exact science, so you must make a reasonable assumption based on the known facts of each case. Follow the example of the situation below.
SITOP (Situation Options) Chart
Situation: In the last few years, I have lost faith in my position. Normally I love coming to work, but in recent years and paid acceptance is not what I thought they should be. I know I have the skills to do the job, but let’s face it, after 6 years, I should be running the place. I think I should try to be more assertive and get what is happening for themselves.

Looking for a new job is one idea.
In this financial climate is not such a good idea. In the end, I’ve been here a while, and I have the experience.
What classes can I take it that would make me more assertive.
If I had done it before, and tried to Dale Carnegie, I may be further ahead, as some of my colleagues.
Maybe my boss would be willing to talk to me.
I can not get through to my boss. Maybe he sees me as weak. Confidence could help.
I could try to make my own business and be successful.
Again, with the financial climate, will I make it or go bankrupt?
I could have my boss he is wrong tell him his place.
Love this idea ….. but I’ll lose my job.
I could try to further education.
I have a degree. Other to form a faired no better than I
I could improve my skills and network part of every company event.
It’s like becoming more assertive. I’m not really into this, but I may need to start doing this to get where I want.

Use the following table to complete your personal effects and SITOP chart.
SITOP (Situation Options) Diagram (SOC)

When you select
After beginning to look at every option available and analyzed for its possible outcomes of this option, it is also important to understand the emotional and psychological factors as they affect you. Taking look at each of the feelings you are developing for each option can help you narrow down the options you do not want to pursue.

Once you’ve made your choice, it can help you share your choice with friends. This step can help to cement your actions in reality, the stigma does not comply with the obligation can bring you forward to success. Do not forget — does not make a choice selection. This action will result, often more devastating than your worse than expected.

Again, go ahead with his own example for the following charts.
My Choice Chart
What are my options:

Courage and emotions
So you’ve decided. What are you doing now? If you’re like many people, you do absolutely nothing. Although it may be done of what physical constraints associated with this action? The level of emotional distress with the performance of actually prevent actions from happening.

Specific strategies to help you overcome the emotional turbulence consists of:

* In a conversation with yourself, make sure you make positive statements about yourself and the course of action you chose. Convince yourself you made a good choice that was difficult to make. This is also the best choice available.
* Perform a simple role-playing, if you’ve already “made the action” in his mind, it becomes easier to actually in real life.
* Take time to relax, the effect of deep breaths can help calm. Take a deep air through the nose, holding your breath for a few seconds, release the air through the mouth, and continue to repeat, at least 8 to 10 times.

Enhance your Emotions Chart.
My emotions charts
I feel:

Running with the plan
It’s time for you to actually make the option. What will you do to ensure its success? You should be looking for the best time and place to put this plan into action, and who will be there when you do it. All of these events / components, which can help you successfully and then follow you will need to perform.
Review the plan
What happened: I spend a lot of time trying to get involved in other social spheres. I’ve seen more people come to me and ask for help. I also learned I have chosen to lead the next project. I am no longer able to speak among men, and do not get so nervous anymore.

Even if it was a sample, for example, you can see how this strategy can be successful. Do not be discouraged if the first plan or two you do not work as easily. Put all these pieces together and create their own maps.

That such the best diet for fat loss?

So you want to lose weight, everyone knows that eating a healthy diet should be your top priority. So the best diet for fat loss? Exercise is a factor, but the diet king when it comes to lifelong weight management. Hopefully this article will give you some simple but effective ways for you to make healthy changes in the way you eat on a daily basis.

1. Try to make sure that you eat some healthy fats in most of your meals. Food enough healthy fats is important for you to maintain a proper fat burning and muscle building hormone levels in your body. Maintaining a sufficient number of health fats in your diet also helps in getting your appetite under control.

Some of the best sources of dietary fats are found in raw nuts, egg yolks (from organic eggs, free range), seeds, avocados, olive oil (which has the highest antioxidant content of olive oil), coconut oil (another great source of healthy saturated fats in the form of medium chain triglycerides), and grass-fed meat (a good source of healthy fat, conjugated linoleic acid, which allows your body to not only burn fat but build muscle as well).

Try this advice – eat some raw nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds, probably the best and tasty healthy lifestyle) 3 times a day, about 1 / 2 hour before meals. This may help suppress appetite to ensure your body is a bit of protein, fiber and healthy fats that way, you eat fewer calories at a meal all together and you get more power at the same time because of its high nutritional value of most nuts.

2. You should also try and eat a source of high quality protein with every meal and snack all you could eat. Proteins from grass-fed meat (best way), dairy products that are organic, and even from some plant sources such as nuts and beans will give you a good appetite suppressant that you can control calories easier.

Getting enough protein helps build muscle (that is, if you hit the weight hard), that way your metabolism can work with a much higher rate due to the growth of muscle in your body.

Food enough protein to most of your meals also helps the body to fight insulin and blood sugar levels, helping to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates you are inside.

3. Although I do not entirely agree with the very low-carbohydrate diets, It is my belief that one of the main reasons that many people are struggling to lose weight loss for much of his life simply because of the excessive consumption of processed carbohydrates such as refined grain-based starches and refined sugar on an almost daily basis.

The best sugar all the sugars that are in whole fruits and berries, which is good because the fiber in fruits and berries may help slow the response of blood sugar in your body. Try to stay away from fruit juices, which are composed mainly of sugar and fiber are removed in the processing of juice.

It has been my experience that when people start to minimize their consumption of grain (cereals, bagels, bread, pasta, etc.), they begin to lose more body fat a lot easier. What I have often noticed that when people eat to minimize grain and concentrate carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables only. This is just one small step is the basis for the best diet for fat loss and usually helps people begin to manage their weight more easily.

Try entering these 3 tips for eating much smarter, healthier diets, and before you know it, you start seeing leaner body and more energy in the blink of an eye.

Red Face When Drinking Now The Due To Cancer

Red face when drinking is now linked to cancer. Accumulation of excess acetaldehyde in the blood, when alcohol is the cause of a red face when drinking. This is one symptom of a person blushing may be inconvenient, but there are other symptoms that usually go along with it, which is more than just embarrassing. As your body tries to break down alcohol in your system, acetaldehyde, a byproduct of production.

Breaking and elimination of acetaldehyde build easy for most people. If your body can not properly handle and dispose of acetaldehyde are allergic reactions can be quickly put the damper on your fun night. When I used to experience an allergic reaction to alcohol, not only do I get a red face, I also got very intense congestion and swollen feeling in my body.

If there is a good time to these negative reactions to drinking booze you have much less likely to have problems of alcohol dependence. Unfortunately, if your body lacks the ability to properly process and eliminate acetaldehyde, then you are also at increased risk of developing cancer of the gastrointestinal tract (mouth, stomach, throat). If you are allergic to alcohol you have two options – to help your body digest the acetaldehyde or stop using alcohol completely.

Are you ready to put an end to all these unpleasant symptoms of alcohol red face, so you can enjoy alcohol again. There is a drug that can be used to control symptoms ALCOHOL ALLERGY NO side effects as random. No red face formula is well known in the Asian community, as 50% of Asians suffer from these allergic symptoms when alcohol drinking. All this natural treatment to stop these symptoms by drinking and reduce or eliminate the risk of cancer as well.

The next time you want to drink our alcohol and allergic reactions make this a red face free formula in the home. Another side effect of alcohol allergies in addition to a red face and all the other symptoms are much worse than usual hangover are greatly reduced by red face free treatment.

As always, whether you are now using the Asian Glow cure or not, please drink responsibly and safely. In a nutshell, Asian Glow cure will greatly reduce or eliminate any allergic reaction to alcohol, reduce your hangover, and eliminate the risk of cancer.

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